These days, people want to sip their warm drinks from unique cups. This is especially true in the colder months. Such times are ideal for more hot chocolate, tea or coffee. Cups also make perfect gift items for every season of the year.

However, finding unique mugs and cups can be difficult. Many people don’t have the time to comb through rummage sales and thrift stores. Therefore, an online store makes an ideal option for such buyers. Here are a few simple things that will ensure better sales on online platforms.

Listing Cups Online

A business needs return-customers for it to thrive. So, the product has to meet your customers’ expectations. The best way to ensure this is by:

Clean Your Cups

At times, darkly coloured utensils come with striking marks on the bottom. While this is not a deal-breaker, it can result in a lack of repeat business. Soaking your cups in warm water for at least 10 minutes will reduce the amount of scrubbing required to get such marks off the utensils.

Take Clear Photos

Take clear photos of the product from various angles. Ensure the bottom, side, brim, and handle are visible in every photo.

Indicate the Measurements

Your potential clients will need a vivid description of what they are purchasing. You’ll need to provide information on the exact dimensions of the cups. The capacity of the cups is equally important, so don’t skip it.

Notes on Shipping

Some sellers quote the price of the mug and shipping separately. Others choose to hike the price to cover shipping costs. Either strategy could work for you.

Ensuring your packaging weighs less than 1 pound could eliminate logistical challenges. For one, it makes the package easier to handle and less likely to sustain damages. This also allows you to ship the package out as priority mail. The courier will handle it with care, and your customer will receive it quicker.