Why using Ecocup’s reusable cups ?


1. Removing the disposable = washing = reusing

Eliminate the use of disposable containers by replacing them with reusable and washable cups to reduce wasting.

sop waste

2. Waste reduction

On all the events selected Ecocup as partner in the world :
in 2009 130 150 tonnes of disposable cups were saved
in 2010 260 à 280 tonnes
in 2012 more than 400 tons

3. Cleanness of the sites

Cleanliness contributes to leaving a clean space, in addition to enhancing a sense of security and well-being.
Now you have the choice: Is it better to clean or simply not to soil your site ?


4. Life cycle of an ecocup

An innovative ecological system based on reuse before recycling !

Cup cycle