Who are we ?

In 2005, friends of Ceret (France) attached to the preservation of the environment and our quality of life decided to eradicate disposable cups from local events!

The idea: To provide the public washable cups to replace traditional disposable cups, in exchange for a deposit.

No more disposable !

In 2011, the young Franco-Quebec entrepreneur Quentin Crouslé launches the project to import the concept Ecocup in Quebec and Canada. 

In the summer 2013, the launch of Ecocup Quebec is greatly noticed and raises great curiosity with the local media and events industry. Quebec is preparing to switch from disposable to sustainable !

To win the support of all participants of an event, we have implemented a range of products and services :

It was necessary to find ways of changing the habits of the public, the event organisers and volunteers, without compromising the operation of the bars, avoiding disruption and financial loss through the counters..

Some milestone from the beginnings of Ecocup :

  • 2005 : In France, creation of “Ecocup, Sustainable Development” (association) 
  • 2008 : In France, creation of “Ecocup Distribution Ltd".
  • 2013 : Creation of Ecocup Québec
  • 2013 : Piknic Electronik Montreal becomes the first event with Ecocup concept
  • 2014 : Ecocup Québec, Winner 2014 Gala Les Vivats in "supplier" category
  • 2015 : Ecocup Québec, Finalist 2015 au Prix Novaé in "Residual materials" category
  • 2015 : Osheaga, biggest festival in North America with Ecocup
  • 2015 : The SAT Montreal becomes the first hall tu use Ecocup


The results

70 to 80% less waste on your venue !

Close to 500 000 cups used this year in Québec !

The result of our action is very positive, more and more organisers are adopting the Ecocups;

Osheaga Festival : 1.2 tons of plastic saved with our reusable cups in 2015.

Piknic Electronik Montréal : First event in Canada to use our Ecocup concept. 1.7 tons tons of plastic were saved with reusable cups since 2013.

Like the supermarkets who are working at eliminating disposable plastic bags, we can imagine a similar change over time with respect to glasses, the "reusable" replacing the "disposable".

More than ever before, protection of the environment is the responsibility of everyone, together contributing to save even more plastic by changing from "the disposable to the sustainable"